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  • Nortic Design

    A modern look for a new home or new home renovation. Our Nortic series has a 40mm pipe handrail that wraps around the top of the staircase, with 7 wrap around rods that make the balustrading appear to be spiralling.
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    nortic design
  • Classic Design

    A simple yet elegant style with straight up and down balustrades. Our Classic series are designed with a 40mm flat bar hand rail that comes across as a more basic staircase.
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    classic design
  • Perforated Design

    A completely customised spiral staircase to suit the balustrading you already have, or a brand new spiral staircase that is based on your vision. Our team can guide you step by step so you have your perfect spiral staircase.
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    perforated design
  • Custom Design

    Whether it’s a straight staircase, steel frame decking or automatic sliding and swinging gates you’re after, Sunnyside stairs is the team for the job. We offer affordable fabrication which is handcrafted locally in WA
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    custom design
Sunnyside Stairs

Perth’s Spiral Staircase Specialists

Sunnyside Stairs is the only company in Perth that builds completely custom, fully welded spiral staircases that are made 100% in WA. All of our spiral staircases are built to the highest standard using wrought iron and galvanised rust proofing, so they are guaranteed to last. We now also deliver and install in Melbourne.
Other Products We Offer
Don’t be mistaken by the name We offer a wide range of other affordable and high quality products to suit any needs, including:

Sliding/Swinging Gates


Straight Stair Cases

Steel Frame Decking

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    sunny side stairs reviews

    Daniel Mckeon

    "Ryan did a great job installing custom stair ballustrades in my new apartment. Highly recommend his work."


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